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Marzo 2012

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How to reconcile development needs with the consequent financial needs.
Febbraio 2012

In a time when the Company generally suffer from a liquidity problem, due both to long delays in customers payments that to the "credit crunch", should have the ability to excel in presenting to the banks a clear and transparent business idea.

This is the time where you need to think about new products and services, seek new organizational structures and increase your technical skills, management and finance. 

Companies that invest can be stronger with the banks, especially for companies who demonstrate a capacity to intervene on technical-organizational cost factors to look for higher returns and are able to highlight it in a convincing way to get finance for improvement projects. 

The alternative to the banking system may be the use of "Private Equity" especially for companies with good "gross operating margins", seeking funding for its growth, the internationalization of its market, research and development of new product, operations not fully accessible only by the traditional bank system.

The Private Equity Fund is in turn strongly seeking to acquire companies in market sectors that allow a significant increase in profitability in a period of 4-5 years and a good chance of a final divestment; generally the Fund requires to the current  shareholder to remain in the company to help develop the business, perhaps in part monetizing the value of the company, creating together a final surplus.

Again, if there are the necessary initial conditions, it should first define a preliminary business plan (even minimal) that can serve as a first reference and submission to any Fund.


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The meeting between demand and supply in the "private equity".
Dicembre 2011

Today the access to a proper provision of finance to support growth and competitiveness of your company is certainly an important activity those for who have good products and production processes. To say that this is a major problem for the company today perhaps may appear optimistic, because the problem is obviously much more serious.

In the other hand we also see a lof of Funds from private equity search for Companies to “support”, without refering to those "government", which for reasons of time, workload, lack of mutual knowledge etc. actualy make it difficult to meet the "demand - supply" and sometimes make it too long in the time, however, putting at risk the possible interventions.

In any case, after the market clarity on aspects of belonging and the statutory-tax, for a full review of the preliminary feasibility of financing transactions, remains the obstacle of understanding of the actual capacity of the company to grow in profitability to become "interesting".

This is definitely an activity that the market is asking us and which we strongly believe we can grow.

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